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Beeing active, I hope

Okay, So I've decided to try livejournal out.
I'm going to the US as an exchange student next year so I'm going to write a blog from when I'm there. Unfortunately people who doesn't have LJ accounts can't comment here so I'm not sure if I'll use this blog seeing that non of my friends from norway don't have livejournal.
I think I'm still going to use it a bit, but not to write about what I do and stuff. Mostly just for posting my "art" if I get better xD
Well, no that I'm already writing why not tell some unnecessary facts about me and my life theese days.
* It's freezin' outside, like -20* Celsius
* I've just finished my first week of school after the vacation
* I've just gotten my lowest grade ever; 2 (We have grades from 1-6 where 6 is the best)
I got it in a math test (math is/was my best subject)
* The Grey's season in Norway (5) is soon over with episode 22 coming up next week
* We just took down all the christmas decorations
* In Norway we put words together, but not in english, so if I you react on my mistakes you have a reason, but you're welcome to point it out so that I can improve. (LJ Spelling tool helps me a bit here though)
* I felt like the Seattle theme suited me very well with my Grey's addiction and stuff
* If you know how to add a header, and is really good at explaining with easy words I would love some help with that!!<3

I hope someone comments, just to make my everyday life a little more exciting.


Can someone explain to me how I put a header on my journal?


I'm not going to be very active in here, I'm just here to get acses to some sites.
But who know, maybe I'll get addicted.