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Are there any political issues or civil liberties you actively promote or defend (through volunteer/grassroots efforts)? What are they? Do most of your friends feel similarly?

I'm active in the volunteer organisation PRESS - Save the Children Youth Norway.
One of the cases we're working on now is to get the US to ratify the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The United States of America and Somalia are the only countries in the UN who has not acknowledged these rights. If the US ratifies the Convention, if will not only improve the lives of children in America, but have an effect on children’s rights all over the world because other countries will respect it more.

If you agree that the US should ratify the convention you can sign our petition on http://www.goratify.com/sign-petition, you can also read more about the petition on this site.

I'm also a part of my schools Youth for Amnesty group.

* Now back to the not so serious stuff, actually, not very interesting eather..!
I'm watching Tour de Ski, it's really fun. Norway has a girl that might (small chance) become number three after tomorrow's last race. When we get to the boys who hasn't yet raced today, the leader is norwegian. His name is Petter Northug and he's great. So I enjoy watching TdS so much.

Anyone else whose watching Tour de Ski?